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Azalea Care Instructions

Woodburn Nursery azaleas, the Cadillac of blooming plants!

Indoor azaleas, also known as Florist Quality azaleas, are grown specifically for indoor display for the home or business. With proper care these beautiful plants will keep their blooms up to 8 weeks. In moderate climates these plants can be grown outside.

Taking care of your indoor azaleas is easy. Here are some helpful suggestions:

How often should I water?

Watering – The rule of thumb is to pick up your plant prior to watering. If the plant feels heavy, do not water. Most indoor plants like to dry down a bit. The roots do not like to be in standing water. Before watering, give your plant a gentle shake over the sink or outside to shake out any older leaves.

When should I fertilize?

You will not need to fertilize your azalea while in bloom. The soil our azaleas are grown in already contains the proper nutrition to sustain the plant for its current blooming cycle.  

What is the best lighting?

Do not place in a bright sunny window while in bloom. Try to find the plant a home where is recieves sunlight, but not at the hottest time of the day.

What is the best temperature?

Keep at normal room temperature. Your azalea will be fine in the temperate of your home.

The big question! – Can I plant my azalea outside in my yard? The answer is yes and no. These azaleas, although related to hardy azaleas, are a different species that originated in China and are now grown in both Europe and North America.

In more temperate climates you can plant your azaleas in a protected area of the yard. In the proper environment these azaleas will bloom in the spring. Trim plants after blooming for better bud set for the following season. In colder climates you can keep your azalea indoors until the danger of frost is past and then move them outdoors.