Woodburn has three primary product groups, ornamental nursery stock, florist quality blooming azaleas, and annuals.

Woodburn is the largest producer of florist quality azaleas in the country. Grown in various pot sizes and unique topiary shapes, these plants are shipped throughout the United States and Canada. Blooming azaleas are sold in color to grocery store chains, wholesale and retail florists and interior landscapers. Woodburn also sells plants that are budded and ready to force to greenhouse customers. These customers ‘force’ the plants into color for distribution to their customers.

In 2009, Woodburn started growing annuals to diversify our greenhouse product line. We continue to dedicate more space as our customers needs increase. It also helps us utilize our greenhouse space more efficiently. This product line includes tray packs, six inch pots, hanging baskets, and patio planters.

With our nursery stock division Woodburn is consistently rated as one of the top ornamental nurseries in the United States. Eighteen years ago the Fessler family foresaw the change in customer demand from field grown plant material, known as B&B for ball and burlap, to container grown product. Today Woodburn has 225 acres of pot-in-pot production. Today finished nursery stock is shipped throughout United States and Canada.